Will Beijing survive?

China, the world’s swiftest surging economy is emerging to grip the ascendancy of the affluence as well as the ammunition. Although it’s standing high is the world’s esteemed position yet its lacking far behind in the eyes of its mother, the earth. The misdemeanour the polity is doing is making the soils cry and the voice of fabrication would irrefutably call it a renegade.
Urbanisation and blossoming of the citizenry in sundry strata at the cost of elimination the producers of food chain may lead to a havoc in the country by 2020.

“There I stand with my assets and the wherewithal
The coin of Gold is with me,
But what do I glance upon
The white cloud of gloominess although white
Is coming to bleat and weep
The havoc and catastrophe is here to defile me,
Had I valued the heaven it was in the beginning,
This would not have been the outcome’’

As you sow, so shall you reap. The throng is acting unscrupulously with the soils and that day is no far where the flames of soil full of anger and
Vexation will swallow the estate.
In accordance with the air contamination gripping China’s colossal capital, it has been known that the Coal(the largest carbon emitter),is the main substratum of contamination in a coordinated move with motorised vehicles, population explosion and the city’s bizarre topography.
The republic has been dealing with the pollution  since 2008 and it was in the year 2013 that they realised the gravity and reality of the menace and dubbed “its real now’’ and enacted a few stratagems to take control of the air contamination and the terms of the accord are to be meant by the end of this year. If we go back in 1980s this menace and encumbrance of framing stringent laws for bridling the air pollution was never taken into consideration, it was after a dozen years that in 2000, the traces of the impure air was making its own track and it was since then that the predicament of pollution was worsening.
Due to deteriorating and drastic conditions and having smog made its bubble over the Beijing Hebei region the government in the long run had to issue a RED ALERT back in December, 2015. The red alert supervened to close many schools, factories and construction  sites. Having the first time to have issued a red alert in the metropolitan capital of china, stringent limits were being imposed on cars and factories had been ordered to halt their progress.
The enforcement of the first ever red alert was a wade by the bejingers as they demanded for clear and pure brisk. The red alert is deemed to have paid off. The country although being one of the super powers in the world still suffers from bouts of poverty and penurious depression,so industrialisation is deemed as a key to annihilate poverty. As automation is still making its way and coal being both the widely required element and the major pollutant, its really hard for china to let it go and completely obliterate the contamination. After the jaw dropping airpocalypse in 2011-12, the Municipal government imposed a stringent prohibition on car which spew forth particulate matter as well as embargoed the burning of coal in urban areas and forbade the factories to run on that basis. Although many coal plants were taken down yet it was not sufficient to offset the outbreak. Having a heavy and ultimate reliance on coal,the China’s  greatest addiction, the markets and areas thronged with people and the regulations were evaded . The strict emission limits were severed by covertly shutting down the air pollutant controls at night and illicit emissions contributed to the long term pollution. The urge and a revamp in beliefs of the citizenry can only outlaw this as the throng still deems it as old days.
When it comes to the government, the economic interest or the health interest which has to be put forward an arduous question.But still it seems that having promote the both,their inclination is towards the former not the latter and this is due to which people in china and all over the world are claiming about government’s failure and irrational way of handling the evil engulfing them and tearing them all apart.Its suggested that the government should develop a hard new line in enforcing the laws. People had previously breathed their last due to the all wide spreading contamination. Several studies have suggested that an intervention to bring pollution down would lead to better respiratory and cardiovascular health of young mob. The major pollution is caused by particulate matter, which if larger get deposited into the lungs and smaller ones get into the blood stream through which they directly get into our brains. The average concentration of PM 2.5 particles is seemed to have escalated by 20% year on year to 85 micrograms per cubic metre and this is indeed regarded hazardous and catastrophic by WHO which recommends an average concentration of PM 10. To counteract and neutralise the threat,Chinese government promises to cut off the PM concentration by 25% by the end of this year. But the interrogation still remains, is it still interpreted and contemplated?,back in the inauguration of this year in the month of January, China once again was gripped by the haze and the record was jaw dropping to 755, which made it look like a smokers’ lounge. The question is, are the laws properly enforced?
According to HOUNZUNG chan, who used to frame environmental laws, told BBC, that “ legislation is better but enforcement is still weak”, notwithstanding the framing and coming forward of so many sundry laws, some factories still discharge particles without meeting the standards and thus polluting air simply. Having a lot of grip and power over the enforcement still for a past few years, either economic growth or maintaining security is deemed as the main cause of concern. Is is really right? How can a government overlook that the condition is so worse that air purifiers gave become a major requisite. Northern China had been more seriously affected and especially the Beijing -Tianjin- Hebei region, as mountains act as a barrier and let not escape what invariably covers, the particulate matter and results to form haze. China is still not ready to halt its all coal production and hardly can we find any grave step. Though Beijing has lessened its production yet the Hebei region overshadows this. Since the country’s coal process will not come to an halt, it is likely to have affects of contamination from the neighbouring India, which is unlikely to cut off its coal production and usage for power generation. Being a member of Paris climate act, it is doing its endeavours but as we all cognize its too slow going and in a few years as the throng is struggling to breathe fresh air who knows they may even struggle to get to of their homes And have a drizzle of fragranced flint of the dawn. And its still there but sometimes the gloomiest day appears showering the tears of pain that they themselves have given and are giving, the anguish and agony.

The COGNIZANCE, THE AWARENESS Is do required. We ask for a sudden step a change a love towards Mother Earth. As who knows the next ozone hole could over china, the weather patterns of the world are disturbed. I not only appeal to china but all those cities and countries who suffering from bouts of impure air. This would one day hell for people and money can never reverse it.



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