Equality is still overrated

It is to say about the patriarchal society which is now widespread back and forth especially in the polities as ours.The ubiquitous influence of the society makes the world a divergent place to reside in. The current predicament is such that many nations are seemed to be dotted with inequity and variation.It is an omnipresent fact that democracy is so overrated. Its not the fault of executive or judiciary but the throng and the citizenry and the economic disparity between the affluent and the penurious especially in the developing countries. The substratum is the mentality of the multitude.

Notwithstanding this women are still gaining grounds and gaining victories. The point is not of matriarchal or patriarchal society but of equality and egalitarianism. What matters the most is the voice of people for revamp and change. #equalityandequivalence. Equality is still overrated.

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