The novel sunup began,
The flint reoriented itself into a ray
That pierced the souls of the crowd,
And ultimately the warmth of the sun was unleashed,
The valley’s hands stretched high
and the victor held the ray tight,
The passerines chirped and encircled the victor that the valley Indeed was
So mesmerising the allure of the summit that it enthralled the any and many
As the tears of the altruism fell down than they got mixed with the aqua of the only loch
As only the loch bleated,
The altruism and the boisterousness of the valley
Made it the duke,
Then The woods,the flint and the king
All called on the loch and dubbed it as stupendous
Said”oh thou lacus thou art the queen of waters”,
The waters wavied quivered and moved
And the passerines sang a song
The sea was going down as,
A boat had drowned
Suddenly a mermaid had just saved it
What that art it was
So mesmerising
The beautiful capture tended to trap me in
Its allure ,
What appeared next was appalling
The charm of the canvass being painted was enthralling
As the vessels let the waters stir ,the hues flowed
And changed the entire canvass to a stupendous spellbinding sight
Soon came the hands that stood over it and they were too
Dubbed a monarch,
As the coronation commenced the orchestra composed a melody
But suddenly to the utter shock of the mob
All revamped,the orchids above the hands vanished
All faded and the Adam ‘s ale of the loch too
The orchestra brought itself to a halt
And the canvass’ painting too died away as all the vessels sank and hues faded again,
The monarch wondered what it was,
but then everyone of his kingdom
Had run to crown the other which had allure in its charm
But that too was vanishing and at the end the nature took away all
As the monarch’s caretaker was none but all traitors,
Then the monarch understood the egoism of the mob
And conveyed it to the God and God let him cognize ,
“This is the esse of human and which Is letting the nature being defiled, as man has invariably been selfish and inclined.”

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