The Crisis of Rohingya Muslims

”He who oppresses the poor taunts His maker,But he who is gracious to the needs loves Him”

In accordance with the predicament prevailing back and forth the populace,the proverb stands in sharp contrast.Indeed taking into consideration ‘ the most persecuted minority’ to which hardly all and sundry lends Adam’s ale or refuses to give spade a spade on the prospect ,this dissertation has been written. This persecuted minority whose milieu is worsening day by day is widely known as Rohingya Muslims. At first Almighty god engendered the fabrication and asked him to make the green core of land as the vault of heaven.Having trusted the creation,the voice of God ebbed but no sooner did the score increase than vows tended to vanish. Hardly had the vows vanished when the sinister came through. One of the forms of this sinister is glanced as the Rohingya Muslim crisis. ”We should love our neighbors ”

One of the illustrations that elucidates the spoilage of above fact is the maltreatment meted out to this ethnic group,their cry and suffering which is being turned upon a deaf ear by the world. The main interrogation that dawns upon everyone,is thhat the origin and identity of this ethnic group and what at length  lead to suffer such a searing tyranny. Trasversing back to the British era, there was a significant migration of labourers from India to Myanmar , as per the British boundaries. The migration indeed disillusioned the native people. As soon as they were proclaimed independent, the natives withheld their consent to acknowledge the immigrants(that they had become that time. Thus, the denial of citizenship came through followed by the migration being declared as illlegitimate. Had they not been denied the access the ethic group would not have suffered maltreatment. Thus were they to give their consent,they would not have been denied the sundry rights,torture,flogging that they had been subject to. Consequently the then deteriorating condition lead to hardly any blossoming of the ethnic group accompanied by ethnic cleansing.The plight and misery worsened to such an extent that they were subject to brutal holocast and killings,rapes arsons by the military of they polity they inhabited. 

Being rendered helpless,they had to migrate to the neighboring polities. To their utter shock and horror, they discovered that most of the nations withheld their consent from sheltering the ethnic group due to their egomaniac point of view. This further communicated to a havoc and catastrophe to have fell upon the ethnic group. To elucidate the next question that why are they being knocked off from the nation they inhabited, the group is allegedly accused of terrorising and confounding the nation as accounted by the impugns on the military bases of the nation although no evidence is being found. 

Consequently the following have arose, the major parts being dominated by the right wing sovereign which stands in sharp contrast to the centre wing sovereign refuse to shelter the refugees of other religion in accordance with their principle of sticking to the religion the majority follow despite their status of being a secularist. Had they been accepted,it would have resulted to an augmented and ameliorated GDP,which was beneficial for the polity only. Examining on a small scale that is, a specific country like India, first it agreed to shelter the ethnic group but is now knocking them out of the prospect they reside into and is adopting a hard new line to deal with it. The main reason for India having taken the action is that it considers the refugees would terrorise the nation but its wrong on its part because the creation of terrorists lies at the grassroot level of the economy for when the country is not being able to employ the particulars which coerces them to incline to the vice. Thus its the fault in the nation’s economical structure. Further india being the biggest economy in the affected area, its her foremost errand to ensure peace and proper proceedings all over. 

The next most significant point to be highlighted is humanity. The maltreatment,dejection the group is suffering is a big slap on the face of humanity and disobedience of God’s word that we should love our neighbors. The major superpowers do not shelter them on the preassumptious rationale the group being a terrorist,such is height of the selfishness that not only they aren’t raising eyebrows but also isn’t aiding them. The silence is insulting the earth’s soil and heaviness in the heart of the voice that ebbed  is heightening.

To contrast the European Union n the ASEAN, notwithstanding the pragmatism of asean and the verdicts it makes, it fails to discuss important topics like the Muslim crisis, the European Union which hardly shows off ,its working is being shown when it sheltered the Syrian refugees although it arose terrorism yet they are continually fighting and have established them. Its a big question mark on ASEAN. 

Further UN needs to wake up, it needs a to speak despite chiding Myanmar unnecessarily. It could have definitely taken the help of superpowers but it lacks the courage. We all need to wake up and act accordingly the three principles of the faith, love charity and peace. We need to follow the word of God , finally they are also humans. As brevity is the soul of wit, i would like to end the essay by this word of God,”when a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you,and you shall love him as yourself” .

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  1. Preeti Jain

    I do not agree on d humanity ground also..
    As our country is poor we should first look after our citizens.
    Why our they pushed out of there country. Is a big question.
    We should not welcome guest who would push us out & occupy our place.

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