Do we really exist?

No sooner did the Big Bang take place than the beasts and humankind made their way on earth. It was after a couple of years when the ace of human body went on to envision and smoked out the mystery of our clinging to life. Scrutinising the macrocosm and the totality, earth is just one of the spheres where the milieu meets life,biosphere,there in the dark space that is dotted about with stars and there are divergent galaxies, planets and who knows may be a parallel universe as stated by the equation of Einstein. When we examine life on earth our minuscule existence is inconsequential many a times. This could be the reason why everything is being called immaterial.Maybe this is why the populace invariably says that hardly does anything has relevance.

We not even occupy one-sixth of the universe.

Taking into account how we were fabricated and probing the actuality and veracity through science, we were engendered thru the sundry reactions and our species gradually progressed and ultimately emerged to be what we are now. Astrology does have something to do with us, there is irrefutably the effect of the stones which we cling to. Having quoted this, the interrogation now arises how does this have an ubiquitous influence on us, just as our primogenitors believed that the variety of planets are our Gods, they would be true in the sense of influencing our actions.

Just as most of the masters of astrophysics, their probe and search of actuality in the totality in irrefutably consequential.

Despite stressing over the small things of life we should rather search for perpetual exhilaration all over. But on the other hand look upto the fulfilment of our purpose why the almighty engendered us. And this thus certifies,’much ado about nothing’.

‘And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep’

Our existence is for a purpose. We have to search for truth. Many go through this by science or philosophy ed cetra.

Parul Khanna

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